Friday, February 27, 2009

Starting a blog

I have been resisting having my own blog for some time now but it seems that its a good idea in that there are many things going on and reasons to write that I don't want to put on our family blog. As my news items, or theological musings, or reports from events don't really fit there. So for a time I will experiment with having my own blog. The goal will be to have a place where I can post news and information regarding The Constant Process which is getting a lot of attention as of late, and also to discuss theology, current events, or anything else that matters.

So for the first order of business let me announce that The Constant Process will be screening at the up coming Sunstone West conference on Saturday March 28th at 5:55pm Hilton Garden Inn in Cupertino, California. I will also be attending and participating in a discussion after the film. I think Sunstone will provide a good context to discuss the ethics of listening to and engaging the other in the Mormon context. How does this happen and what forms does it take? What role does it play in our theology? I hope it will be a good event!


  1. Good news ... and welcome to Blog Land!

  2. Can anyone attend? My mother in law really wants to go. What instructions should I give her. Cupertino is not too far from Gilroy.

  3. As far as anyone attending the Cupertino screening, I am sure the Sunstone folks want as many people attending the conference as possible, But I think she would need to register for the conference. Since I have never been to Sunstone before myself I am note sure how it works if someone wants to attend just one session. Registration information can be found