Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And the Winner is . . .

The Constant Process Wins Best Documentary prize at Smogdance 2009!

This weekend was the 11th annual Pomona Valley Film Festival, otherwise known as Smogdance '09.
Its a shorts film festival that includes a broad range of work from narrative, to experimental, to documentary. It was held at the newly restored Fox theater which opened 87 years ago and is everything you would hope for in a theater from that era.

I attended the festival on Friday night and was impressed. First, the Fox theater is wonderful. As a filmmaker, you want to have your work screened in a place like that. The projection was really impressive, they got a new projector and the results were excellent, my film really looked the way it is supposed to look, with great color and crisp clear blacks and whites. What's more impressive is that due to some trouble setting up, they could only project DVDs. I never thought a projected DVD could look that good. They only thing they need to work on for next year is the audio. The Fox is a BIG room with a lot of reverb, which made the films hard to hear.

The audience was was also very good. I suspect they had 300+ in attendance with over a thousand total attendance over three days. It was a diverse audience, I was impressed to see good numbers of people under 25 and over 50 at the same event. This really made it a "something for everyone" event for both the audience and the filmmakers. After screening events were held at the Da Center for the Arts and that too was a good venue. A cool place to hang out and talk with the audience and other filmmakers surrounded by an impressive collection of work by local artists.

Of course the best part of the festival was winning the best documentary award. I'd like to express my gratitude to the festival, the judges, and all the work that the cast and crew put into the film. Its wonderful to be acknowledged like that! This was the film's 5th festival and its second award. It also won a Director's Choice Silver Medal for Excellence, at the Park City Film Music Festival in January.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Constant Process News

Traveling with the family makes it difficult to be consistent with posts so here is a quick note about upcoming screenings of The Constant Process:

April 24: The Somgdance Film Festival in Pomona California. Information can be found here:

Also on the weekend of april 24 the film is playing at the West Chester Film Festival in West Chester PA. Information can be found here:

Then on May 10th the film is screening at the Qfilm festival in Long Beach California, and I believe that both Susan and I will be in attendance. Information can be found here:

also I got word today of an interesting event down in Orange County California, its a Human rights week for high school students and I have been asked to screen and attend. Which is exactly the kind of invitation that I love to get.

In other news, the film also won a silver medal at the Park City Music and Film festival. So congrats to my composer Doug Romayne who's music really did bring something special to the film.