Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Sunstone

I have been writing full time for the past few months and I have noticed that the last thing I want to do after 4 - 8 hours of writing is more writing. So I have neglected blogging, and email, and other things as well. But there is so much going on now to write about. Ah, so little time. Anyway The Constant Process is screening at Sunstone in Salt Lake City next Saturday 8/15 at 2:15 in the afternoon in the Canyons room in the Sheration Salt Lake City Hotel.

I am joined by two wonderful respondents, Margaret Young of BYU and one of the producers of Nobody Knows, a documentary about the experiences of black Latter Day Saints. AND Mary Ellen Robertson who is the director of Symposium for Sunstone. Both women are great thinkers and had very interesting things to say about the film at other screenings, so I really wanted to have their perspectives regarding the film for this screening because the theme of the symposium is: women's contributions to church and culture. I think the film provides a very interesting context to discuss such issues in Mormon culture. Obviously Susan Russell is empowered in a way that is impossible for a Mormon woman, but still Mormon women do craft theology, Mormon women do have powerful experiences of revelation, Mormon women are concerned about and working to encourage a better understanding of what inclusion requires. So I think this is going to be a good discussion.